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Breast Forms From Doll Mold

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Hello to all of you, who left comments. It is wonderful to hear, the new “doll” breast forms look so real. Yes, the makeup helps to blend them into your natural skin tone. I do suggest you order the “skin test” shades…as they return your money, when you return the sample test colors. You can check them out at or

Please leave any other comments, you may have on this, positive or negative so other girls are guided in the right direction!


The Breast Form Store, New Products

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Hello All–I had had a ton of emails, asking me about my previous posting…of the new high end breast forms made my a
“doll maker”. has these. They also have makeup samples which will blend into your specific color, and they send color samples. This is a wonderful family run tg business, which offers telephone help and returns. If you’re new and don’t understand your sizes, etc….give them a call!!

Begin with looking at their web site!


New Doll Mold Breast Forms ~ At The Breast Form Store

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Hello All-

If you interested in the newest, Doll Molded Breast Forms…molded by a  authetic doll maker–check these newest…at  and look for Doll Breastforms. They have a very natural slope down….not a ridge or circle. Also, The Breast Form Store has several makeup shades you can blend, into matching your skin tone. And, they have samples you can purchase (charge) and return– if you would like to see the different  colors to help you make the perfect color match to your skin!

 Take a look!


How To Select The Correct Feminine Shoe Size by The Breast Form Store

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Hello everyone. I receive a lot of emails, regarding how to determine what female shoe size…you should buy. Also, remember…your feet will not hurt after several hours….if you select a pair of heels which has an open toe, or a stretch strap around the heel. Tight toes, will hurt so if your heart is set on a pair… perhaps try a wide.

The Breast Form Store, has an excellent article on how to make the correct size selection. Take a look, and see if you’re wearing the correct size for your foot!