New Doll Mold Breast Forms ~ At The Breast Form Store

Hello All-

If you interested in the newest, Doll Molded Breast Forms…molded by a  authetic doll maker–check these newest…at  and look for Doll Breastforms. They have a very natural slope down….not a ridge or circle. Also, The Breast Form Store has several makeup shades you can blend, into matching your skin tone. And, they have samples you can purchase (charge) and return– if you would like to see the different  colors to help you make the perfect color match to your skin!

 Take a look!


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  1. Brenda Plus says:

    Thanks for the advice Denae! These breasts looks great on the website, but I’m not sure they’ll look good on me. If not, I’ll just return them.

    One thing you’ve taught me over the years is to try different things. Even if something doesn’t work out, big deal, just try something else. You’ve given me so many tips over the years, and one of them is, just keep trying. And I’m getting better all the time, bit by bit.

    Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love Brenda

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