Medical Tape, To Pull Back Your Face (skin and/or wrinkles)

Hi; Another great tip, on products I use. Often, I like to pull back a clients facial and/or neck skin. IF you wear a wig, this is a perfect hidden tip…you can use…as it is hidden under your wig! Just purchase a simple wig cap as they are only (99 cents at any beauty supply, but not found at a drug store). A wig cap also keeps your wigs clean.
Pull off about 3 inches of tape, and place your starting side of the tape….to stick/hold onto where you have pulled back and up your facial skin…and then pull it, behind your first ear…pull to see how much pull of the skin…you can get in one piece of tape. Pull it up and over onto the wig cap as you press it down hold the tape down. I like to place two pieces over each other, so it is double strong…so do this twice…on each side of the face and neck.

I found of thie tape at a local drug store…such as Walgreens or Longs. It looks like scotch tape. It is by NEXCARE….FLEXIBLE CLEAR TAPE. This is very simple. Pull any excess skin up and start pressing it down..after pulling your skin back…hold the end…. where it will not show from under your wig. No oil, so tape does not lift. Pull the tape up, up and around onto the top of your wig cap. Now, go to the other ear, and repeat.

For your neck, you can pull your neck skin back, tape it and pull it around to the middle back of your neck. Do this twice, on top of the first piece of tape. Repeat on the other side. Presto, you look ten years younger, and more feminine. If you have to wear a wig, at least taping to the wig cap itself…is the one positive for wearing a wig.

If you do not wear a wig, you can pull your neck skin back, (but not facial) behind your ear and pull over to the middle of the neck. Apply another piece, so you’re double taped. Now, repeat on the other side of ear. Pull your hair down in the back….to cover the tape on the back of your neck!
This is not hard, many of you are afraid of trying this. It is very easy, and very inexpensive. And, now with this new medical tape…you don’t have to use wig tape…which IS expensive. So, don’t be shy. Give it a try. It may take a couple of times to really “feel” how tight…you can PULL the tape over. Again, no oil or foundation or the tape will lift. Instant face lift!! Instant neck lift. Again, locate a Beauty SUPPLY not a salon, as they have all types of hair, wig accessories. Buy several wig caps, as they are very inexpensive, and they keep the oil off your clean wig!
Wigs are finally in again, with the Hollywood crowd. Have fun, with wearing them for special outings!
Let me know how it works for you!

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